Arora Marketing

What my clients say:

‘Her knowledge is very impressive and she has really great ideas, it has given us real direction with our Facebook page and we love seeing the results.’

Adam Hughes. Marks Passenger Services

‘Fantastic to work with! Mindy has helped me no end. Passionate, professional and she gets results.’

Craig Barton PT

‘So much better than money we have wasted on leaflets. Definitely recommend! ‘

Jon Crawford SK8s

  • Arora Marketing is a small marketing business based in Lincolnshire. I understand the needs of small businesses.

    I set up Arora Marketing to help support small and medium sized businesses with their online marketing work.

    You know your business, you know your customers but you find promotion online difficult to navigate.

    Having set up my own business I know first hand the issues you might be facing. You are time poor, confused about all the WEBSITE choices available, frustrated with how GOOGLE works and wondering how on earth SOCIAL MEDIA can help your business.

    My background in media began in London several years ago where I worked on brands such as Heat magazine, Calvin Klein and American Lawyer in areas of advertising and PR.

  • The hardest part. Once you have your idea you need to commit to some research. You cannot make a success of your idea unless you are fully in tune with your audience and their needs and wants. It is crucial that you price, promote and sell your product in a way that appeals to your target market.  There are number of things you should do as a minimum.

    It is easy to fall in love with your business idea and forget that you need to keep perspective. You do this by speaking to people and believing they have something to offer you. Don’t think you always know best because you had the idea in the first place. Keep an open mind whilst being the best champion of your business you can.

  • There are a number of benefits to having a website:

        1. You can direct a growing customer base to it for more detailed information.
        2. You can grow your business.
        3. You can compete with other businesses who have an online presence.
        4. You can sell your product online


    If you decide you need a website compare quotes and see examples of work. Do not be put off by the language, often more prohibitive than the cost. I offer templates as well as bespoke design, please get in-touch to find out more without obligation.


  • Branding is central to everything you do. This is what you say about yourself, how your audience perceives you and how they talk about you. All the images and commentary you publish must reflect the ethos and purpose of your business and above all be clear and consistent. Successful branding allows you to stand out from the crowd – customers will think of you instead of your competition. Ultimately it should generate growth through word of mouth and repeat business. Do not be put off spending time and resources on your branding, many people think if they are small, branding is not important, this could not be further from the truth.

Click on an image to see detailed examples of my work.