What does it take to become an SBS Winner?

What does it take to become an #SBS winner? I spoke to 3 winners from Lincolnshire to find out how they ‘made it’ and what the impact has been for them and on their business. What is Small Business Sunday and how did it begin? 2015 winner, The Furious Engineer, Matt Osbourne kindly explains: “#SBS …


Red 10 Helps Put Navenby on The Map

As co-chair of the Navenby and Cliff Villages network I have recently had the pleasure of working alongside Luke Daniels, Urban Angels and Luke’s Barbershop, in planning the first ever Christmas in Navenby. I say planning, it was more of a ‘put life on hold’ until this is done sort of project but one that …


Prosecco, Pilots and Pies!

Prosecco, Pilots & pies – see what your local businesses have in store for you this Christmas in Navenby….   Luke’s Barbershop will be displaying their famous wet shave and selling their new range of products and Gift Vouchers. Rumour has it Whiskey and lollies are on the offering as well. For the Ladies, Nicole and …


Does advertising really work?

I am often asked  ‘does advertising really work?’.  It’s funny, as consumers we never ask this question but as business owners we can find it hard to believe in this particular skill! Does advertising and branding work? Well, to answer this question I suggest you watch the latest video from a well known retail store …


3 Easy Post Ideas to Save you Time

  3 post ideas to save you time. Copy and paste a review from your page and post it, add a relevant image and link to an appropriate page  (If you can get a video testimonial, even better) Post a ‘Did you know…’ about something you do or sell, or perhaps about your location or …


Work Experience – A success story

Work Experience – a success story Earlier this year I received an email from a young lady that I used to teach at Branston Community Academy. She boldly but politely asked me for some work experience. My first reaction was actually one of being flattered. Ask any teacher, the best feeling you can get in …


How to deal with a bad review

3D approach to dealing with a bad review on social media. In my experience of managing social media platforms for some great clients, I have learned that there is ALWAYS someone that will have something bad to say about you. If you manage your own platform(s) and you’re reading this, you have probably wondered how …