What is social media?
This refers to a multitude of ways in which people and businesses can comment, share and discuss ideas in a virtual environment. We are all familiar with ‘print media’, the use of newspapers, magazines and brochures to communicate a message, Social media can be viewed as a the most modern method of communication available. Typically these include; Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn.

I don’t use Facebook or Twitter, why should my business use it?
Many of your competitors will have a presence on these sites, if you don’t you are effectively giving business away. Sensible activity helps to build your brand, improve your website rankings and get you at the forefront of customers minds, they think of you when the time comes. Do not let your personal views on this form of communication limit you here.

What does Arora Marketing offer that other marketing services do not?
I offer a very personal service at a time of day to suit busy entrepreneurs. I understand the demands of running a small business, you have clients, suppliers, admin and for many the added demands of a young family. I will get to know your business so I am best placed to create unique content and creative material that will drive your business forward.

If I only want to talk to you for an hour is that possible?
Yes. You can discuss anything you want with us and will be charged at the hourly rate. If you decide to use us further there will be no charge for this initial consultation.

Can you build my website and host it?
Yes. I use wordpress templates or bespoke design and can set up and manage your hosting. I can teach you how to edit and manage your site, leaving you with even more flexibility and saving you money.

Where do you meet your clients?
I can come to your office or a neutral meeting place in Lincoln can be arranged.

Can you give me a list of ideas on how to improve my content marketing?
Yes. If you have a website and social media pages set up, I can write engaging and traffic driving content for your use. I can also teach you how to schedule these updates.

Are you able to speak to me in the evening after work when the kids have gone to bed?
Yes. Evening calls usually take place between 8 and 9pm. Weekend calls are also available. Email and texts are welcome.

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