Navenby May Day Fete

Navenby May Day Fete

Navenby May Day Fete





The Challenge

To generate more interest for the annual event amongst the local community, particularly across the 15-50 age range.

The Strategy

To use social media as this had previously been left untouched by the planning committee of the Navenby May Day Fete.

Regular Facebook updates were written in a style that enticed and informed people. The posts also linked with local businesses which helped to promote it even further.

A total of £29.90 was spent on boosting the page / posts.

The Result

Visitors on the day doubled from previous year and it was noted that many people stayed for the the entire day as opposed to ‘popping in’.

Likes for the Facebook page grew from 169 to 346.


The Navenby Mayday Fete was a huge success and thanks go to many people, not least Mindy Arora of Arora Marketing.  I asked Mindy to market the event for the Parish Council and she took up the challenge with relish.  She created and drove the Facebook campaign which helped produce a record attendance.  Thank you Mindy for your efforts, imagination and time you put into this annual village event. Ian McAlpine Head of Parish Council

Great May Day Event at The Venue! This year we had a brilliant addition to our marketing with a Facebook page – thanks to Mindy, Arora Marketing for your help. Liz Careless, The Venue Navenby