People always ask me ‘How much does a simple website cost‘. My next question is usually, ‘do you need to be able to make changes to your site on a regular basis?’.  Invariably the answer is ‘Yes’.

A ‘simple’ website has just transformed into one with a Content Management System that can be navigated by  a non-specialist, this invariably changes the price.

Other factors for you to consider include:

  • Do I want to be found on ‘Google’?
  • Do I already know what my keywords are?
  • Do I need to sell online?
  • Do I need to buy my domain (www….)
  • Do I need to have a contact form that arrives in my inbox?
  • Do I need a blog facility?
  • Do I need original photography
  • Do I need a logo?
  • Will my website look good on a phone, tablet and PC?
  • Will my website grow with my business?

All my website quotes are bespoke which means you get what you need and nothing more or less. The most simple of sites could be described as follows:

  • 2-4 pages
  • Home page, About, Testimonial, Contact pages
  • Links to Social Media pages
  • No facility to change on a regular basis (static site)
  • Basic Hosting facility
  • Start from £550

Manage My Facebook

Management of your social media can be tailored to your budget as long as it meets your objectives. A 1 month trial to include setting up of your page can start from £199.


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