Services – some ways we can help you.

Build and Host your website

We can create websites of any size incorporating any needs. The appearance can be dictated by you if you have an idea in mind, alternatively we can make suggestions based on your business.

All our sites come SEO ready and are responsive to all devices. We use a local hosting service, your site has its own hosting ‘space’ and we have personal contact with the provider to ensure swift solutions in the unlikely event of any problems.

To see examples of sites made by Arora Marketing please visit My Portfolio

Improve your Google Rankings

We have successfully improved the rankings of a number of clients. This is a complicated process that requires knowledge, time, expertise and a little bit of patience.

Examples include:




Keywords = personal trainer Lincoln


Sk8s Logo (white)


Keywords = roller skating Lincoln



MARKSBeeKeywords = private transfers Lincoln,  airport transfers Lincoln




Manage your Facebook page. 

We can create and manage your page, the benefits include:

  • Saving you time
  • Growing your business
  • Increasing your reviews
  • Getting you closer to your customers

For more information on Facebook Management please visit here.

Design your logo.

We research you and your target market so we can  present you with a number of concepts to select from. We offer advice and guidance along the way. The end result represents the beginning for your business and we understand how important that is. For more information on Logos visit here.

All singing

Using all our expertise, we can effect a real change in how your business is seen by your audience. We have a proven record in helping small businesses grow and this is what drives us.  Here is a full list of all our services.

  • Create logos and straplines
  • Design and print business cards, brochures, adverts and flyers
  • Build and host websites
  • Write and deliver engaging, relevant content
  • Research and book advertising schedules
  • Deal with any press / advertising  enquiries
  • Set up and track google analytics
  • Use Moz software for SEO purposes
  • Assist with any promotional events
  • Advise on your premises / promotional material
  • Improve your google rankings over time
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