3 Easy Post Ideas to Save you Time

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3 post ideas to save you time.

  1. Copy and paste a review from your page and post it, add a relevant image and link to an appropriate page  (If you can get a video testimonial, even better)
  2. Post a ‘Did you know…’ about something you do or sell, or perhaps about your location or a member of staff. It needs to be interesting, informative, helpful and or funny! Image should relate. You don’t have to write it, you could video it!
  3. Hide a Pudsey bear in your premises, take a short video and post it with the lines ‘Can you find the Pudsey bear’ or ‘How many Pudsey Bears can you see’, you will be able to see how many people view the video of your store / clinic / place of work.

Somethings to remember…

People like to watch more than they like to read so keep written posts as short as you can and where possible add a video to communicate your message. 

Always have a link to your site.

Use hashtags.

Boost your posts via Business Manager for the full selection of demographics.

Don’t stress if it doesn’t fly….

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