Celebrating Start Ups – Luke Daniels

Luke Daniels started life as a trainee with Vidal Sassoon,. He now owns two successful businesses within a mile of each other in Lincoln….

“Think simple – execute perfection”

Wise words from a chap who knows what he is talking about. Luke Daniels owns Urban Angels and Luke’s Barbershop – both successful businesses in a very saturated market. How did he make it from an, albeit very skilled and talented hairdresser, to business man with sustainable and growing shops?

Luke displays the textbook characteristics of an Entrepreneur.

Hard working – Luke and his teams focus on the main craft of cutting and colouring hair with no jazzy gimmicks. You know when you leave you will be happy with your hair and have had a good time.

Tenacious – giving up is not in his nature. A recent refurb of the salon (it’s gorgeous, go and visit!) saw him gutting out the old salon on Christmas Eve of all days and then working every hour under the sun for the 2 week holiday period to make sure he opened in the New Year.

Risk Taker – Opening a hair salon in a village that already had 2 wouldn’t be everyone’s first choice. Then also opening a dedicated Barbershop in the same village and out of town – risky or clever? Well, 4 years on and with queues coming out of the door the answer is clear!

Leader – Luke manages teams across both shops and has a really good staff retention rate. However he has delegated a degree of control to his Manager and now part-owner Josh Plows at the Barbershop. Luke has mentored and managed Josh since the shop opened.

Decisive – no dilly dallying here. Whilst every decision is made with thought, it is made fairly quickly and based on facts.

Creative – evident by the interior design of each shop, each has been created by Luke on his own. They’re well worth a visit, even if you just want to be nosey…..

Luke is a keen member of the local community and Co-Chair of the local business network. The Barbershop sponsors a local football team and the salon has recently played host to one of the Knights from the Lincoln Knights’ Trail. He doesn’t stop!

Urban Angels Salon
ricki hall lukes barbershop

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