Craig Barton Personal Training represents the start of Arora Marketing. Craig Barton is Lincolns premier Personal Trainer and consistently generates the best results in the industry.


The Challenge

Put simply, the challenge here was to put CBPT on the map – at least the online version. Craig was well known in the industry when I met him and had built up an enviable business via word of mouth, however search for him online and he was nowhere to be seen…..

The Strategy

Social media work began with Facebook and content marketing via the blog. The number of platforms has now grown to include Instagram and Twitter, videos are placed on his You Tube Channel.

Website work focused on amending existing content and creating new and unique blog posts that tried to help his target audience, rather than sell.

PR work included press releases and radio appearances in connection with his personal achievements in the Body Building arena.

A new and improved website has recently been completed to give us more options with the Body Transformation section and accommodate an online payment facility.

The Result

“I immediately saw substantial growth in my business after using Arora marketing. Mindy is passionate, very likeable and very knowledgable in the field of marketing and social media. Id recommend Arora marketing to any business that is looking to improve the effectiveness of their marketing and social media presence”

Craig Barton