Dr Anil – Anti Ageing

Dr Anil has a successful private practice in London. A specialist in Dermatology he has an interest in anti-ageing and offers a variety of services in a very active market.
dr anil social media dermatology

The Challenge

Dr Anil was looking for someone to take over his social media work alongside managing an existing website with a view to building his private practice and increasing his personal profile.

Dermatology is a notoriously competitive industry and also one subject to criticism due to relaxed regulations. Facebook also make its harder to actively promote anything connected to appearance, especially where before and after images are used.

The challenge was to improve the quality and frequency of blog posts and social media updates whilst appealing to the right demographic.

The Strategy

I focused on adapting some of the text on the website, bringing it up to date and improving the readability. Some SEO work was also undertaken.

Social media work began by connecting with local businesses, researching competitors, researching material for new posts and creating profile and cover images for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Dr Anil often works on TV shows needing his expertise and part of the strategy involved working with these appearances and handling it appropriately via social media,

The Result

“I have been working with Mindy for a year and from day one, she was proactive in educating herself about my industry. Thoughout the months, she has developed an effective marketing plan combining with regular social media and gone beyond her call of duty. All her dedicated work and knowledge of online marketing has resulted in more leads and bigger revenues for me.”

Dr Anil