Red 10 Helps Put Navenby on The Map

 In Christmas in Navenby

As co-chair of the Navenby and Cliff Villages network I have recently had the pleasure of working alongside Luke Daniels, Urban Angels and Luke’s Barbershop, in planning the first ever Christmas in Navenby.

I say planning, it was more of a ‘put life on hold’ until this is done sort of project but one that I relished. There is something really liberating about running a social media campaign on a voluntary basis, creative juices somehow seem to flow better?

Business means Business

Starting from a strong base, the network encouraged more local businesses to come on board and help us generate the funds to buy our 20ft tree and some 3000 light bulbs.  The logistics involved in the sourcing, purchasing and erecting of said tree were quite something. What Luke couldn’t do himself he managed to outsource to a local tradesman or business. Knowing everyone in the village helps!

Christmas in Navenby

Social media stats (impressions, reach, comments, event invites) confirmed to us that lots of people knew about the event but we were nonetheless blown away by the turnout, conservative estimates being around 350+. Mike Ling, Red 10, did a great job with the crowd and of course turning on the lights. There are many residents that work in the military but for most having a Red Arrow pilot take time out of his leave to celebrate with us was a genuine treat and honour.

Late night shopping

The High Street was busy and buzzing. Business owners report seeing many many new faces and sales. The community spirit on the street was the real win for all concerned however, something you can’t buy, would never sell but can definitely use to your commercial advantage.

Social Media Success

Trying to boost your own local event? Here is my quick checklist of what to do:

  1. Get some good images that you can use online, use very little text
  2. Conjure up a theme or countdown to promote the event
  3. Schedule your posts ahead of time so you don’t have to do bits daily
  4. Post an ‘event’ on FB and invite people to it
  5. Let each post run on its own for a day before boosting (spending money to promote) 
  6. Create videos to support your promotion, these will increase reach
  7. Use local people in any way you can, photos, comments, tagging, encourage them to share
  8. Engage with local businesses and trade their services for some social media exposure and web links
  9. Try and get a local celeb to open / support your event
  10. Link up with  a charity to help with profiling and chances of securing press success
  11. Send  a press release to your local paper. Include the date, venue and purpose of the event. Send images that they will want to use, if it is related to business talk numbers!
  12. Contact the local radio station, tweet or email, if you don’t know who to tell call them and ask them, you won’t be the first to do this.
  13. Try and enjoy it


Apart from all the members of the network, my thanks go to everyone that helped out, contributed time and resources and offered the best ingredients of all, a positive mental attitude!


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