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I slept rough for one night. It was 6 degrees and very very wet. I was alone but most people were in couples or groups and many stayed up and had music etc. I didn’t. I was dreading the cold more than anything else. I tried hard to imagine what my life would be like if I was homeless. I realised a few things:

– If you have a box and can keep warm with the right clothes you are probably not getting the ‘full homeless’ experience.

– If someone doesn’t have a box and the right clothes their lives must be absolutely awful

– If you choose to live on the streets (as some people claim others do) your ‘at home life’ must be beyond crap

– Having people stand at the foot of your house (box) and talk and smoke as though you are not there is rubbish

– Having conversations with people that are physically having to look down at you is very weird and must be demoralising after a while

– Being cold is not as bad as feeling severely claustrophobic

– The total lack of ownership on basics such as water, toilets and a door to close and leave the world behind until another day is more upsetting than most of us will ever truly (hopefully) know.

– My life is pretty amazing x

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