Tweet, win, meet and grow!

If you haven’t heard of #SBS but are always on the look out for clever marketing tools and ways to improve your profile then the weekly Twitter competition with Theo could be for you.

I entered the competition under the name of my second business, ASALI Designs. I actually entered twice before I was selected so the win was even sweeter!

Following on from my winning tweet I was invited to the annual winners conference at the ICC which I was very happy to attend with fellow local business winner, Sandra from Glimmer Candles.


mindy arora asali sandra varley glimmer theo paphitis winers event

Having recently won, here is my advice on how you can too and the benefits you can gain.

What to do:

Simply tweet Theo on a Sunday night between 5pm and 7.30pm. Describe your business and include the #SBS hashtag.

How to do it.

  • Tweet once per Sunday until you win. Don’t send repetitive tweets and don’t grumble if you don’t win.
  • Be as unique as you can and identify your USP’s in your tweet.
  • Include things about you / your business that you think would stand out or impress Theo.

What happens if you win.

  • Theo retweets 5 winners each Monday night at 8pm.
  • Your twitter feed will go absolutely bonkers. If you have Google Analytics then watch that too.
  • Be prepared to be followed by lots of other small businesses, depending on your business this might be useful, it also might not.
  • You will be contacted by the SBS team to organise your winners badge and account on their website, full of useful bits and bobs, as well as that all important web link (thinking SEO here)

sbs winners badge asali theo paphitis

Winners event


icc birmingham winners conference theo paphitis

Any small business owner will tell you time is at a premium. For this reason I was initially unsure of whether the day would be useful or not. The day was a healthy mix of useful information, inspiration and a dollop of confidence boosting, so often lacking in any small business environment.

As well as hearing from the man himself there were useful presentations from Google, Natwest, Linkedin and the charity Mind. Personally I was able to speak to one of the sponsors, DHL about the importing side of ASALI. There were also lots of networking opportunities with other businesses.

Apart from meeting Theo and having the chance to talk to him about ASALI, the highlight of the event was the fireside chat with another Dragon, Sara Davies MBE. You can read more about that here.

asali designs theo paphitis sbs winner how to win

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